Moving is a stressful experience. Whether you’re going to a new house in the same city or you’re moving across the country, you have a long checklist of things to manage. Hiring a professional moving company is supposed to take away part of that stress. If this is your first time hiring furniture movers and you want to make sure everything goes according to plan, here are a few things you can do to make the shipping and delivery of your furniture less stressful.

Mark where you want the furniture to go.

Your new home might have an entirely different layout. If you want the furniture to be set up in new configurations all throughout the house, you can mark the furniture ahead of time. You can use colored stickers to mark which items need to be moved into certain rooms, even if they aren’t anywhere near each other in your current home. Just talk to the moving company before you get started and they can group your furniture together before transit so moving in is easy and organized.

Tell the movers about fragile furniture.

Professional movers are always diligent about being careful with your furniture. They know the best techniques for securing drawers, protecting glass panels, and making sure everything stays in the same good condition as before the move. But telling them about quirks and previous damage in the furniture can help them be even more careful with fragile items. If your antique armoire has a wobbly leg or there is a crack in underside of your couch, they can support it better with a bit of advance notice. Telling the movers what items you are most concerned about can also reduce your own stress so you’re not worried during the move.

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