Moving from a flat you live in alone or with your spouse is one thing. It’s even harder if you have flatmates. Keep these three tips in mind to make packing up your belongings easier.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to get borrowed items back.

When you’re in a rush, you’re going to forget the little details. Sometimes that small detail will be the box tucked away in the back of your closet. Sometimes that small detail will be all of the things your flatmates have borrowed. Long before your final moving day, start asking for items back. Post a list or hold the conversation over text so you can keep track.

2. Have a ‘maybe’ box for everything that doesn’t have a clear owner.

Sometimes you won’t clearly remember if the stuff in your room is really yours or if it’s borrowed, too. Don’t become the flatmate that took other people’s stuff with them. Instead, make a box where you can put everything you aren’t sure about. Ask when everyone is all grouped together so you can make sure everything gets back to the right person.

3. Reach an agreement about who’s keeping what.

You might have gone in together on larger purchases. Outdoor furniture, some appliances, and big rugs are often communal purchases. Bring up the subject early on so everyone can reach an agreement they’re comfortable with. Leaving it to the last minute often means you’ll have to leave all of your group purchases behind. And if you’re moving to a flat with new cohabitants, try to reach a decision before the purchase is even made and confirm over text.

Leaving flatmates you’ve known for years can be bittersweet. But rushed packing schedules and a lack of communication can make it more bitter than anything else. Go to Kiwimove for more moving tips to get you through it.