Sometimes everyone makes packing mistakes, but there are a few that get past most everyone. These aren’t really mistakes, but they are things for which most movers don’t prepare. They are the invisible things we don’t think about every day such as the nails in the wall holding up the pictures and the shower rods in the bathrooms. Most movers are trying to get the kids in gear, keep the dog from getting depressed wondering what’s going on, in addition to getting things organized on both ends of the move. Here are a few things to remember, along with some tips for getting them organized.

1Things You’ll Need

Movers tend to leave the light bulbs in the lamps when moving. Consequently, the bulbs get broken in transit. Additionally, movers don’t remember containers when dismantling something to be moved. You’ll need these supplies:

A. Go to a grocery or farmer’s market to get a tray of compartments for transporting fruits and veggies like tomatoes, oranges, and things like that. When you pack your lamps, place the light bulbs in the compartments. Put something soft like a blanket in the bottom of the box, placing the tray of bulbs on top of the blanket. Place another blanket or something soft on top of the bulbs. Now they’re insulated and won’t break, but they’ll arrive safely if they are in the car with you.

B. At the grocery, pick up a box of freezer baggies. They have labels on them. You can also use those lunch-sized cans of crisps when they’re empty. When dismantling something, place the washers, bolts, and screws in the baggie or can, labeling them with the electronic thing’s name or description. Securely tape the baggie to the electronic thing. Use another baggie for the nails that pictures hung on. Another baggie could contain (clearly labeled) the screws or nails on which the window treatment rods were hung.

Tip: Restaurants receive foods in boxes of different sizes and shapes. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few; restaurateurs are only too glad to get rid of them. If you only have one item to pack in the box, remember to pack something else in it such as a towel or piece of clothing. This will protect the item if it’s breakable.


 2. Empty Spaces in Boxes

Let’s say you used a dish barrel in which to pack the curtain rods or something else oddly shaped. There weren’t enough of them to fully pack out the box, so they’re going to rattle about. Other boxes might fall against that box, bending or breaking its contents. You’ll need new curtain rods or whatever you had packed in that box.

Tip: Use tall and large painting boxes for those odd-shaped things. The boxes are more reinforced and can lie flat on top of the other boxes in the moving truck.


3. Heavy Things

Books and heavy cast-iron cooking pots and pans are the worst to pack. Packing them all into one or two boxes would require two people to handle the boxes. Instead, pack them a few at a time in as many boxes as it takes. In order they don’t fall about during moving or carrying, pack something else atop them.

Tip: Odd shaped pillows like sofa pillows or bolsters on the beds make excellent box stuffers. They aren’t heavy and they save you packing up another box with pillows.

These are just a few of the odd things for which packers and movers don’t think about. We have more moving advice, so contact us to learn more about it.