Moving to a new place is always stressful. Every time you move, you learn a new trick to improve the process, complete the move quicker, and feel more at home faster. When it comes to your furniture, using a furniture-moving service is one of the top recommendations you’ll receive from people who have moved from townhouses, apartments, and houses. Make sure you have these three tools at your new place so you can make the most of your furniture-moving service:

1. Buy and place new rugs ahead of time.

If you’re renting an apartment with hardwood or laminate floors, your furniture is going to damage the floor. Sharp edges can scratch up the surface, and heavy legs can add permanent indentations. Large rugs can save the floors and save your deposit. In fact, some apartments require that you have rugs as part of your rental agreement.

Lay them down ahead of time so your furniture movers can position your possessions on top of the rug. Not only does this cut down on damage at the beginning of your rental term, it means you don’t have to shift the furniture yourself later.

2. Have plenty of furniture sliders.

Sometimes rugs don’t offer enough protection. Most furniture is also positioned up against the walls of your rooms where the rugs won’t extend to. Instead of buying wall-to-wall rugs, buy several packages of furniture sliders for a guaranteed level of protection.

If you have the packages ready when your furniture arrives, you can ask the movers to position the furniture on top of the sliders You may want to check with the company before you hire them, but many movers are used to the request. Some even offer the sliders as part of their service.

3. Get kits to secure tall furniture.

Another common type of hardware that many people add to their furniture is wall supports. If you have toddlers, they’re going to use bookcases and shelves as hand-holds to start moving around. But if you have tall or top-heavy furniture, it can fall over. Securing the furniture to the walls prevents the potential damage and injury. If you have the kits ready before your movers arrive, they may be able to help get everything settled so you don’t have to go back later.

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