Moving out of your old office is only half the story. Moving into the new building can be just as hectic and exhausting. If something goes wrong, you might have to make a tough choice between storing everything offsite as you solve the problem, or piling everything up in the new space until you can get things settled. Either way, that’s a sour start to a new office. In order to make the move as easy as possible, check these three things off your ‘new office to-do’ list long before the movers start packing things up.

1. Mark where the different departments will sit, and make sure there’s enough room.

Seating arrangements are just as important in an office as they are in grade school. Sometimes, they can feel even more vital to keeping everyone on task. So mark every floor and section with precisely what departments will go where. Double-check the cubicles quantities and don’t allow for last-minute changes that aren’t an absolute necessity.

2. Test all the cabling and electricity.

Electricity and network hardware always pick the worst moment to go wrong, and the first day in a new office is certainly high on the list. Have a landlord-approved technician check everything over while the office is still empty. That gives them plenty of room to work and work quickly, especially if there are actual hardware issues.

3. Move the secure stuff in separately.

Move in stages, and start with sensitive documents and electronics. Have movers wheel it in while the office is empty, and then lock the doors behind it. There’s going to be a lot of chaos with a general move. If you know your company’s data and paper documents are completely handled first, that will cut your worry in half.

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