Your office is moving, and that’s stressful for everyone. It’s hard to keep things organized for a big move and stay on schedule with work projects, deadlines, and customer service. Whether you’re in charge of the move or you’re part of a large team, the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to prepare. The more you do in advance, the less that can go wrong during a time crunch. Here are three things to help you stay on top of things before the movers arrive:

1. Inventory everything.

If you’re sending furniture back to the rental store, count everything and make sure that you can prove you’ve returned everything you need to. If your office is moving over to another building but keeping everything from the old office, then make your lists by department. Don’t let office politics and anecdotal evidence get in the way of an easy end to the move.

2. Label everything, too.

Professional office movers know how to make your life easier. But if you’re worried about too many moving parts or the move involves multiple destinations, label the boxes a furniture. Simple color-coding or paper taped to the top of furniture pieces help you keep everything organized. It can also help your movers get everything to the right spot when you’re handling a separate emergency.

3. Check with the building owner.

Your landlord knows you’re leaving, and if they have a large building they’re familiar with the process. But check in with them before the movers arrive. They might need to do a walk-through process of their own or adjust security for the movers. This is a make or break point for the company’s deposit, too, so checking in early and often can prevent costly miscommunications.

The best thing you can do before the move is to make sure you have a professional service at your back. Go to Kiwimove to schedule a time and get more helpful tips.