The only thing worse than packing in the rain is unpacking in the rain. Now that all of your belongings are packed up tight in the moving van, you don’t have room to wrap them or shift everything to water-tight containers. Here’s what you can do instead.

1. Use trash bags as water-tight covers.

Cardboard boxes pick up moisture quickly, and that compromises whatever you’ve stored inside them. Slide trash bags over the tops of boxes to protect the sides, and pokes holes where the handles are so you don’t drop the now slippery boxes. For larger items, slice the bags open and use them as makeshift blankets.

2. Make a covered path.

If you’re moving into an apartment, you might not have many options aside from hoping that the entryway to the building is covered. But if you’re moving into a house, you have a few more options available to consider. Consider getting a cheap pop-up tent to put near the moving van if you’re moving your own belongings. You can also cover the front sidewalk with just a tarp and a few poles. The more you can limit your boxes’ exposure to the rain, the better.

3. Don’t rush.

Everyone picks up speed to get out of the rain. But that’s a bad idea when you’re moving. Going to quickly increases the odds that you’ll drop a box or damage fragile furniture. Even worse, it increases your risk of injury from slipping or carrying something the wrong way.

Before you start unloading, make a plan. Decide if the weather is severe enough for you to keep the van an extra day, or if you can find a supply of large plastic tubs to put each box in before taking it inside. Plan where you want to put all of the boxes (on a tile floor preferably) and how you’re going to sort out the wet ones for immediate unpacking. Consider hiring an unpacking company that’s used to the rain, even if you did the packing yourself.

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