Moving offices is expensive. Even if you’re leaving at the end of your current lease so you don’t have to worry about early leaving fees, somehow the expenses just keep adding up. Maybe the new office needs a bit of renovation to make it ready for client meetings. If it’s a bigger space, you need to buy or rent more furniture. If you’re moving, maybe it’s time to reconsider keeping the old local server or switching to cloud-based services.

As you go through the forecasted costs, you might be wondering how much money you can save by handling the move internally. Here are three unexpected costs that will change your mind:

1. Downtime kills revenue.

If you’re relying on your employees to help with the move, that means they can’t do their regular work. Even just an hour or two a day can start to eat into your company’s projected revenue for the month.

It’s not just that things aren’t getting done or salespeople aren’t reaching out to prospective leads. Slow responses to customers, service providers, or auditors is bad for business. Your customers might reconsider their contracts. Missing a few financial deadlines can also make your company rack up fines.

2. You need moving equipment.

If you’ve moved into a new house before, you know how hard it is to transport even just the boxes. Your home’s furniture is even more cumbersome. But an office move is even harder. You have a lot of heavy furniture and bulky cubicle walls. There’s a lot of technology that can’t be dropped. And, as annoying as it was to move your own television, you might have to do it several times with office screens. That work can’t be done by hand.

3. Workers compensation will blow the budget.

If your employees get an injury while moving the office, your company is responsible. And when you’re asking untrained office workers to load and carry bulky supplies off-site, you’re all but inviting injuries. But professional movers are trained to move things injury-free, and your insurance isn’t on the line if something goes wrong.

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