Don’t let your next office move be a casual affair. Hire a professional moving team to pack up the old office and unpack at the new location. This can save your back and make everything move faster. Here are three more ways it can help:

1. You get a breakdown of the expenses.

When the move is happening, it can be hard to notice the small details. But once the move is over and you’re reconciling the expenses to the budget, you might be left wondering where your money went. Instead of trying to remember on your own, hire reputable companies that have clear rates and send you invoices down to the last detail. You need these for your records. Also, strong records from one company can help you fill in the details about the others.

2. Don’t have employees take non-personal items.

The less your employees and coworkers have to do with the ‘moving’ part of the move, the better. Even if you have a small, informal business, asking people to move heavy things is asking for a claim or an injury. Also having employees move things in their personal vehicles open your company up to liability for potential data loss or failure to meet regulatory data security standards.

Instead, find a service that can handle each type of item your office has. Bulky furniture, fragile electronics, and stacks of paper files need to be handled carefully. That means a professional third party.

3. You can ask for advice.

Moving companies have seen the best and worst office moves that ever took place. If this is the first time you’ve handled an office move or the first time without a moving manager, feel comfortable asking for advice before the move. Good companies can recommend the tools, services, and small tips that make the whole process easier for everyone.

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