Small moves might be easy to handle internally. If your company is growing to include another floor or you’re rearranging departments, a pro-con list might leave you leaning in favor of juggling the tasks yourself. But that’s not always the case. Here are four signs your next move needs professionals:

1. There are stairs.

Stairs are dangerous. If you’ve ever moved into an upstairs apartment or lived in a house with more than one floor, you know how hard it can be to make bulky items cooperate. But trained movers know how to navigate steep steps and sharp corners without damaging your company’s belongings.

2. Your company owns the furniture instead of renting.

When you rent furniture, you usually don’t have to take on the task of transporting it. That alone might persuade you to start renting furniture when your current set wears out. But if your company owns the furniture and you need to move it somewhere, that’s not something you should handle internally. There’s too much risk of injury, damage, and lawsuits.

3. You’re changing buildings.

Moving from one office space to the adjacent one in the same building is difficult. But if you’re particularly ambitious and it can be a gradual move, you might take on the project. Moving to another building is another beast entirely. Not only do you have to get things out onto the street, you have to securely move them across town. Hire movers, not just the trucks.

4. Your coworkers don’t want to help.

Even the smallest moves require a lot of cooperation and team effort. If your coworkers are dragging their feet at the start, that’s a clear warning sign they aren’t going to help when things get difficult. Use their inertia to get professional moving services approved by the boss. They probably don’t want to help, either.

No matter what move you have planned, Kiwimove can help. Contact us here to get started.