Moving isn’t just tiring work. It’s complicated. The more stuff you own, and the more valuable it is to you, the harder the task becomes. While furniture is bulky and can be impossible to handle by yourself, packing up your fragile goods is just as risky. Every tiny mistake can cause big problems, so hire a moving company to protect your belongings from these five mistakes.

1. Using regular newspaper instead of blank packing paper.

Newspaper is the go-to material if you want to insulate things against physical damage. It’s thin, has wide dimensions, and can bend to protect any shape. But the ink it’s covered with never fully dries. It will bleed all over your valuables and leave you with a hefty cleanup job. Use plain instead.

2. Not using a reinforced cardboard box.

Some things don’t need reinforced boxes. Your home’s clothes, toys, and less fragile home goods just need a regular box. But glassware and breakables should go in a double-layered box. This protects the whole thing from a great deal of impact damage and jostling.

3. Packing ‘types’ of fragile goods together.

Don’t pack all of your wine glasses or fragile plates together. Instead, try to keep dish sets together or separate all of your glassware into levels based on weight. The bottom of each box should have a sturdy layer of glassware, and your most fragile pieces should be at the top.

4. Improperly assembling the box.

Every box company makes their boxes slightly differently. Make sure the bottom is assembled according to the individual instructions. Reinforce the seams with tape and add the cardboard insert if one was provided.

5. Not labeling the box.

Always label the box with an up arrow, a rough description of the contents, and if the contents are fragile. You can also add a description of the room you want the box moved to in the new house.

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