Moving seems so simple at a glance, but there are dozens of little things that can go wrong. If you’re not careful, or just not experienced, these can trip you up, and add several spoonfuls of stress to the experience you could definitely do without. So before you do anything else, keep these simple tips in mind for your move.

Tip #1: Pack A “Vacation” Bag

You know when you go on a trip, and you bring your necessary toiletries, clothes, etc. so that you have all your necessities on-hand? Do the same thing when you move. Pack these bags last so that you can bring them into your new place when you get there, and thus have everything you need for a few days to a week while you unpack and situate everything else.

Tip #2: Organize Your Stuff By Category

Too often we try to pack up by room, rather than type of stuff. Don’t do that, because it will make your life more complicated. If you have towels, put all the towels together. Bedding, books, toiletries, clothes, etc. each get their own box, and their own category. It will help you find the things you need, when you need them.

Tip #3: Move During The Week, If You Can

While weekends are convenient for most people, they’re also the times when moving companies are busiest, and when the roads are full of all the other people who are off work. Moving during a weekday can free up space, and even net you lower prices for a moving company. Scheduling out in advance is important, and if you have the luxury you should do your best to nail down your plans a month out or more.

Tip #4: Pack With Clear, Plastic Bins

Big, brown boxes are a tradition when it comes to moving, but if you have a little extra in your budget consider you should consider clear crates and bins. This makes it easy to tell what’s in a container at a glance, and to make sure it goes to the proper room.

Tip #5: Wrap Your Breakables in Clothing

We’ve all wrapped out electronics, dishes, etc. in bubble wrap, newspaper, or other padding to help keep it in one piece, but have you considered using your shirts, towels, and other necessities as the cushion? After all, it’s all going to the same place, and it will save you money along with space.

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