Choosing the best moving company to handle your relocation can seem like an overwhelming task when you are already overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning to a new job and neighborhood. The good news is that you can help narrow down the list of New Zealand moving companies by focusing on experienced providers that offer a first-rate collection of relocation services. Below are five qualities to seek in a moving company:

1) Outstanding customer service. The moving company you choose should be dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. In particular, your moving provider should be easily accessible by phone and e-mail.

2) Decades of industry experience. Seeking an experienced moving provider is vital to ensuring a safe, secure move. Ideally, the company you choose will have at least a decade of experience helping residents and business owners transfer their valuables from one location to another.

3) A comprehensive array of moving services. The best moving companies do more than simply transport your furniture and possessions from one location to another. They offer a comprehensive collection of moving services that includes the following:

  • Packing services: Professional packing services will help keep your possessions secure during a move
  • Cleaning services: This option saves you the hassle of having to find a professional cleaner
  • Specialty boxes: Some companies offer specialty boxes to help protect uniquely sized valuables
  • Advice and guidance: The best moving companies educate their clients about moving preparation


4) Outstanding references. A relocation provider should be able to quickly provide a list of past and current customers upon request. Additionally, there should be plenty of favorable online reviews of the company you choose.

5) Complimentary quotations. A moving provider should always be willing to provide a written quotation that outlines all costs. Moving companies that offer affordable hourly rates are typically excellent choices.

Fortunately, there is a moving company in Auckland that offers all of the qualities outlined above. Kiwimove has the tools and industry expertise to help you enjoy an easy transition to your new home or office. Please contact us to find out why we are Auckland’s most trusted moving company. We look forward to hearing from you!