New Zealand is a growing, dynamic country where people need to move often, yet affordably. Additionally, there is a varied terrain that includes beaches, plains, hills, mountains and plateaus. We have heat waves and cold spells with wind, rain and everything in between. For that reason, people need a local moving company that has deep roots and knowledge of the entire North Island. They want an affordable service with the ability to get the job done. Only a few moving companies can satisfy all of these needs.

Whether you are in a city like Auckland, Hamilton or Wellington, or a less populous area like Waiouru or Gisborne, Kiwis need a service that knows the terrain and can get the job done. That is why people are becoming more and more selective when picking their moving service.

Bulky, heavy items are standard for moving homes. Those include couches, beds, pianos, pool tables, spa tables and other furniture. For most people or companies, they simply do not have the equipment or the personnel to handle this heavy lifting. However, Kiwimove has this capability and deep experience with such challenging moves.

The firm places protective gear and blankets over every piece of furniture and between boxes to make sure that nothing breaks, scratches or cracks. Drivers will also gently steer the load to the correct location to make sure that nothing is damaged. Because Kiwimove has such a familiarity with the entire island, the driver will not get lost or lose any goods. They will drive directly between homes without any superfluous travel.

Kiwimove is the leading provider of moving services on the North Island. No matter where you live between Auckland and Wellington, Kiwimove has its customers covered at an affordable rate. The firm offers friendly service that is convenient and efficient. For more information, pleaseĀ contact us.