Packing up your belongings even for a small move to a new neighborhood is stressful. Staying organized without getting frustrated can feel next to impossible. Keep these two tips in mind to avoid major mishaps.

1. Don’t have miscellaneous boxes.

When you’re packing up your old home, some things just don’t fit into any of your carefully organized piles. It only makes sense to have a miscellaneous box or two to hold all of the odds and ends you own. This is especially true if you’re using the move as an opportunity to do a bit of rearranging because what used to belong on the mantel might end up working better on a bookcase in the office.

But boxes labeled miscellaneous can become your default box. It’s easy to get caught up in specific labels and boxes, and you’ll end up with a lot of things that don’t quite fit. Instead of labeling things as miscellaneous, have boxes labeled by the room that the items are in right now. While you may still do a bit of rearranging in your new house, it’s much better to have a couple of boxes labeled ‘living room,’ ‘office,’ and ‘kitchen’ than to have several miscellaneous boxes.

2. Don’t make final decisions while the movers are there.

Most movers are paid by the hour. While professional teams won’t rush you and can manage complicated directions, you might still feel pressure to hurry. Moving is already a stressful experience filled with a lot of permanent changes. So don’t make major decisions about what belongings are coming on the move and which are getting donated while you’re on the clock. If there are a lot of important decisions left to make, just have the movers pack what you’re already sure of. They can come back when you’re ready.

A smooth packing experience makes unpacking a lot easier. Go to Kiwimove to schedule an appointment and find more tips about getting started.