Moving furniture has to be the most inconvenient part about changing residences. They are big, heavy and difficult to get through the door. They have awkward shapes that are difficult to handle as well. Some furniture is fragile and can easily break. They also cannot be moved by regular transportation or manual labor. They need heavy duty vehicles that have padded protection. On the other hand, you build up nostalgia with your furniture and want to bring it along to your next location. You don’t want to purchase all new furniture and you want them to arrive in good condition. That’s why finding a good moving company must be first on the list when you are changing homes.

Fortunately, Kiwimove has just the answer. The company has a deep history serving residents of the North Island with great results.

Kiwimove provides quality customer service and experience moving professionals. The team will help prepare and move your heavy furniture, taking the burden off of you. Of course, the company has the transportation and equipment to move your furniture from Auckland to Wellington and anywhere else. Whether it is the beaches, the mountains or the plains such as Rotorua or Hamilton, Kiwimove can do the job.

New Zealand has many different topographies as well as a large variety of homes. That is why it is important to go with an experienced company like Kiwimove that has dealt with every situation and can be sure to deliver furniture on time and in great condition. Our dynamic economy is allowing people to move around for different opportunities. It is a great idea to choose Kiwimove to help facilitate that change.

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