Moving into a new residence is typically an exciting time.  Whether your moving into a new home or an apartment, it is always fun to decorate your new home with all of your personal items.  The faster you settle in, the more it feels like it is truly your home.  Whether you have several large pieces of furniture or appliances that require the assistance of a professional mover, or if you have an immeasurable amount of small boxes or other paraphernalia, Kiwimove can help.

Large Items? – No Problem

Over the years, most families typically acquire quite a few large items in their household.  Appliances, china cabinets, queen or king size extra-deep mattresses and bedsprings, pianos and pool tables are just a few items in the average household that are very large and heavy.  These types of items typically require special moving apparatus to ensure the safety of those doing the lifting, in addition to ensuring these types of large items do not become damaged during the move.  Here at Kiwimove, we have the special equipment needed to move large, bulky items in a safe manner.  Whether you need help removing indoor furniture or outdoor furniture, like spa pools or heavy picnic tables, we have the right people and the right equipment for the job.

Overwhelmed by Moving Boxes? – We can Help 

If you have lived in your current home for many years, you probably have quite a few smaller items as well.  It can be quite overwhelming to attempt to move a lifetime of acquired material possessions all on your own.  Kiwimove can help with this too.  We offer packing and unpacking services that take care of everything.  From providing boxes and protective packing material, to taking care of packing, moving and unpacking all of your smaller items, our comprehensive moving services can transport your valued possessions from one location to another, safely and efficiently.

We Do it All

Thinking about moving your business or warehouse to another location?  We can do that too.  We can safely move all of your business apparatus quickly and efficiently, allowing you to be up and running in your new location with minimal downtime.

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