It’s tempting to think that you can handle a move on your own. However, you risk both injuring yourself and breaking your things if you do. Here are the most difficult things that you shouldn’t try move without experienced professionals to help you:

1. Furniture removals are easy when you hire a crew with experience to bring in all the right ramps, straps and dollies to move your couches, desks, chairs and beds safely. They will also know which packing materials are best for each different surface of your furniture pieces.

2. Pianos require well-trained assistance. You need to protect those delicate-yet-heavy pianos while relocating them safely to your home. Our movers can pad and stretch-wrap your instrument before placing it with care on a special piano board or on a four-wheeled dolly for flawless transportation. They know how to remove legs, stands, pedals and reassemble them the right way when you get into your new abode.

3. Professional appliance moving is important to safely transport your refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines and dishwashers long distances. Since they are expensive to repair, they require extra care. Each of these major appliances contains tiny parts that come apart or suffer from rough handling or reckless driving during transport. A licensed appliance-delivery service knows how to handle them safely and secure them for a better delivery.

4. Pool table moving requires advance planning because they can weigh almost 1,000 pounds or more. The experts have the right equipment and training to take it apart and reassemble it safely to prevent damages. Plus, you will not have to risk throwing out your back if you tried to move it alone.


For a worry-free move, ask us for full-service moving.

We can manage all the packing and unpacking necessary to save you a great deal of time for a much-faster move. Your team of experienced moving professionals will come over to pack and organize all of your possessions and load them all up inside a moving truck. You only direct them, which is also optional if you do not have time to do more than just leave a set of guidelines for them to follow. They will handle all the driving of your things and the drop-off at your new home. Then they unload, unpack and reassemble everything for you at your final destination. Contact us for a free quote!