The last day in an office is hard for employees. Even if the office is simply relocating to a new physical location, it’s a day full of checklists, last-minute equipment organization, and finishing up administrative tasks. Instead of adding furniture loading or packing to your team’s to-do list, hire a moving company to help. Here are two reasons why you should turn to an outside service:

It saves time.

Professional movers are fast. If you have a lot of desks and chairs to ship and a lot of tables to collapse and fold away, that will take a long time for a team not used to that work. But a team of movers can quickly compact, protect, and load furniture to be taken back to the rental company or the new office building. At the end of a long day, speed is exactly what you need. If you have to be fully moved out before the end of the business day, then hiring an external service lets you keep your employees available for internal tasks and checklists that need employee oversight.

It prevents hard feelings.

If your office is closing and it’s the last day for several of your employees, emotions are going to be running high. The best way to end the professional relationship between these employees and your company is a day of finishing up the last of their work, an exit interview, and, when possible, an early end to the day. Don’t give them a long list of manual work and make them pack away their own furniture.

Hiring professional movers also reduces the chances of theft or malice. The overwhelming majority of employees will leave cordially, but there is always the temptation to not pack things up quite right or to take equipment out the door. Remove the opportunity by finalizing your checklist of returned company property early and leaving it to movers who aren’t emotionally invested.

Hiring professional movers do more than making the job easier. It removes the possibility of employee injury and resulting claims, ensures smooth delivery to the next site, and is a forecastable expense. Go to Kiwimove to get started.