One of the worst parts about moving is figuring out what to do with the furniture. Most of it is too heavy, too bulky, or too fragile to be carried by one person. It also takes up a lot of space in the moving truck and might cause a bit of damage as it shifts around on the way to your new address.

But professional movers know how to keep your furniture safe. They can protect it while they’re packing, make sure it and all your other belongings are safe during transit, and put in place in your new home. Here’s how they do it without damage:

They protect fragile edges, corners, and surfaces.

Even heavy furniture needs a bit of protection. Professional movers have the tools to do that. Instead of using old quilts, most professional moving companies use blankets with foam to provide consistent coverage. They also tape foam pads and rods around protruding edges so both the walls and the furniture don’t take on damage. If your furniture is antique or has damaged parts, they can even reinforce the legs so they don’t sprawl or fall out of joint.

Professionals know how to belt down bulky items.

Rentable vans may or may not come with tightening belts included. Even if a van has them, you have to be careful that the items are actually secured in all directions. Improper belt usage won’t just leave your furniture loose; it could cause additional damage. But when you hire a professional moving service to transport your belongings to your next address, they can tighten everything down so it doesn’t break along the way or even get damaged by the straps.

Whether you’re moving an office or you’re moving to a new house, leave your furniture to the professionals. Go to Kiwimove here to get started.