Moving to start a new chapter in your life is often very exciting. But the idea of leaving your comfort zone to head into the unknown or even the hassle of getting everything done to prepare for moving day can also be overwhelming. If you start to feel taken over by moving anxiety, there are several ways to cope with and conquer that fear.

Make a daily appointment with yourself

We often schedule the parts of our day for appointments and tasks. So go ahead and set aside a specific amount of time to focus on your concerns about your move. Doing this each day for as long as you need will enable you to focus on other things for the rest of the day.

Write it down

We all know writing in a journal is a great way to touch base with your feelings and to tap into your potential inspiration. That same concept can help you face your moving anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed by any part of the move, whether it’s making sure you get everything packed in time or wondering how the kids will adjust to their new school, write those feelings down in a notebook. Take it a step further by addressing them during your daily moving anxiety appointment with yourself.

Be introspective

When you’re facing your moving anxiety, putting the situation in perspective will help. Ask yourself questions that will force you to come up with answers. Such as, “Is there any just cause that justifies my moving anxiety?” or “If there is a problem with the move, what steps can I take to resolve it?”

It’s true that moving is a big undertaking. But embrace the possibilities ahead instead of getting tangled up in anxiety. Don’t let the move itself become so daunting that you’re robbed of the joy of your journey.

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