While preparing to move house, here are some shortcuts that you don’t find on traditional lists to save you time! Here’s how you can move like an expert:

1. Rather than spending time standing around in post-office lines to change your address, do it all faster online. Go to the New Zealand Post website to change your mailing address the easy way in a few clicks. Here you can redirect your mail to a new address or request a hold on your mail until you find a new place. You can even change your details here to automatically update your new address with multiple New Zealand organizations all at once.


2. Give away the easy way. If you do not have time to take the leftover stuff you do not want to a donation or recycling centre, then just call your local Salvation Army to schedule a pick-up right after you have finished packing. In Auckland, you can call (03) 313 6947 or (09) 639 1103 to arrange for a pick-up.


3. A little time spent cleaning now will help you unpack faster later! Save time by cleaning all your furniture and things before you pack them. You will not want to do it later when you are busy unpacking after the long move.


4. Create a private, easy inventory system. Number your boxes and create a digital list of the items inside each numbered box so that even the movers will not know their contents, but you still will not lose things in the process.


5. Make sure that all of your furniture will fit in your new place before you move. Since this point is tricky with a long-distance move, use a free app called AutoDesk HomeStyler to examine the layout of your new home and compare it with the scale of your current furniture. Then sell the pieces that do not fit before you move to reduce your moving load.

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