Moving is like everything else. It goes a lot easier if you plan in advance and take the necessary steps ahead of time. Kiwimove will be there on time, with two strong individuals to move your belongings, but here are some essential preparations to make.

Get rid of those household items you are not going to take and don’t need. Contact Kiwimove to set up our availability at least 6 weeks in advance.

Set it up to forward your new billing address to the companies with which you do business. Set up your new address info online.

Start your packing early, at least two or three weeks in advance! Begin to eat all those perishables in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. They won’t be coming with you!

Return any items you’ve borrowed, like library books. You will want to arrange for the final readings on all your utilities.

Safely dispose of any toxic or flammable wastes, as they cannot be transported by removalists.Drain the fuel from lawnmowers and other small engines.

On moving day, organize an emergency kit for the car. Bring all boxes into one loading area, if possible, and clearly label what is inside, if desired. Make sure everything is packed and ready for the movers. Remember to stay and lock up the property after everything is loaded.

For much more detail on the timing and preparations to make, see our full and complete Moving Advice Page. It’s just one more small way we here at Kiwimove make your move easier.

And remember to contact us early to make your move smooth and trouble free!