During the moving process there are countless items in the average household that need transport from the old to the new residence.  As long as the items are wrapped and properly protected, most items will arrive without incident.  However, many people have items that they can’t decide whether to pack or whether to bring along with them.  In this post, we will outline some guidelines on what to allow the movers to transport and what items might be better left to handle personally.

Liquid Personal Care and Cleaning Products

The average household has a notable investment in many partially-used personal items such as shampoo, body care items, moisturizers, and cleaning products such as dish and laundry soap.  If these items become unsealed during a move, they could spill their contents and damage other items nearby.  Before moving, consider postponing buying and opening large and/or expensive liquid products that can potentially spill.  Instead, several weeks before your move purchase sample sizes of personal items and cleaning products that you can toss in the garbage before you leave.

Flammable Items

Even seemingly benign items like nail polish, nail polish remover, pesticides and some household cleaning products are considered flammable items.  Again, it is better to simply toss these partially-used items or carry them with you in order to avoid a potential issue during the moving process.

Glass Containers

If you have treasured items such as a wine collection or an amazing bottle of olive oil or pesto from your recent vacation to Italy, it is best to provide extra protection for these items and transport them personally.  Fragile items such as these are best preserved with a little extra TLC.

Sentimental Items

Whether the item is breakable or not, very sentimental items such as photo albums, a treasured blanket made by your grandmother or even “artwork” created by your children when they were small, are best transported separately from the large items normally moved by a moving company.  Consider the things that really mean a lot to you and how providing them with a little extra protection can allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

If you would like more tips on what to pack and what to move yourself, please contact us!