Simplifying your life to focus on the things you want sounds wonderful, it sounds exhilarating, it sounds freeing, it sounds… pretty hard. But it is possible and simplifying your life is a great thing to do right before you move. Why? Because you will be going through all of your stuff to pack it anyway, and if you are able to simplify and declutter effectively than you will not have to pack as much stuff. Here are some tips on how to simplify your life before you move:


You cannot lead a clean and simple life after you move if your new home is full of clutter. Start simplifying your life by decluttering everything. Sort and declutter by category, for example, start with clothing then move to books, paper, toys, etc. make sure you look at every item and decide whether or not it fits, works, or is useful – then decide if it makes you happy and if it fits into your simple and happy life. The more you donate or throw away during this process, the easier it is to simplify things later on. And the more you get rid of, the easier it is to pack and move.

Try to Pack Vertically

Instead of laying papers, towels, and clothing on top of each other in boxes, try to store things vertically as much as possible. Vertical storage makes it easier to see what you have, it makes your life easier and therefore, more simple.

Make a Chart of Daily Tasks Leading up to the Move

No matter what you want to do, there is always a list of things you must do on a regular basis. Make a chart for your daily must-do tasks as well as the tasks you need to accomplish before you move. This will help you get those things done more quickly, because you have a visual reminder, and that in turn will help you have more time for the things you really want to do.

(After The Move) Find a Place for Everything

All papers need a home, all toys need a shelf, and all clothing needs a hanger or a drawer. In other words, everything needs to have a home – a place where it belongs. The biggest problem with simplifying your life is that clutter happens on a daily basis if you do not have a specific place for everything. Toys are usually one of the biggest problems, toys should not have multiple places, they should all belong in one place, and this makes it easier for children to put things away on their own.

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