Things might not be working for you anymore at your current office. Maybe you need more space. May be the ongoing construction next door has brought with it too much noise and misery. Or you have gotten your own building. Whatever the reason, you have finally decided to move offices. Bravo! However, moving offices might not be a walk in the park. There are things you need to know.

To help you make sure your office move is hassle-free, we have put together things that will put you on the front seat.

1.    Advance planning is key

It is important to meticulously plan for your move in advance. Sit down with an interior designer and map out where everything will go. Think about your large equipment. Ask yourself if there is enough storage for everything that you have. Have you involved the employees in as far as their seating arrangements are concerned? Do you agree that Jane Doe prefers a desk next to the window? It is therefore important to create a map or floor plan and make it available to the employees. Most people ask how long before moving should they start planning. Well, 3-5 months is a good time.

2.    Do you already know your moving company?

Many people think that they can just hire anyone with some sort of transport to cart away tones of office equipment, which is fine, but can be very counterproductive to the security and well being of a company’s property. The best way to move officers is to acquire the services of a reputable company that has a wealth of knowledge on how to securely and speedily help you move. Get different quotes from different companies. Have a look at the companies they have worked with. After you have picked a reputable company you want to work with, have a sit down and properly plan for your move.

3.    Has your IT department figured out everything?

Today’s typical office runs on – sometimes – an elaborate IT network that typically takes a considerable amount of time to put in place. It is therefore in order that your IT department know about your move well in advance: this will give them the opportunity to make arrangement for security equipment, phones, internet, and other cabling. The IT will want to figure out all the cabling and general IT infrastructure. This will make sure you are ready when you are, well, ready.

4.    Deal with trash and decluttering

It happens in every office: you acquire a lot of things that in the long run you don’t need anymore. If you want a new, cleaner office, it is important to declutter. Trash all those needless papers. Sell away the furniture you no longer need or donate them to a charity.

Good luck moving offices. If you are looking for a reputable that will securely, quickly, and cost-effectively, you may consider Kiwimove. It does not matter whether you have extra heavy or bulky stuff like pianos, pool tables, or spa pools, we can make everything move. Please contact us here.