If you are moving and seeking useful advice, Kiwimove has some suggestions for you.

First, planning is critical. Whether you are relocating your office or moving from one home to another, we offer step-by-step help with all your moving needs. We can help you decide what you can take care of ahead of time, so when moving day arrives you’ll be ready. For instance, you may want to start discarding old, unwanted items as early as six weeks ahead of time. If you are not planning to take things such as tables, refrigerators, or couches, you may consider donating them to charitable organizations, like Hospice or SPCA. We recommend you book your final packing and moving date with us at least four weeks in advance. This ensures you have everything you need right when you need it.

Secondly, an organization is crucial for a hassle-free move. You may want to contact your gas, water, and electric companies in advance. They can schedule a final reading and shut-off date. Likewise, you should also contact your doctors’ and dentist’s offices so they will be able to send your medical records. This will enable you to arrange upcoming appointments with new doctors at your new destination. If you are planning to do some, or even all, moving alone, Kiwimove can help. We offer advice on how to organize a move. We also sell moving material, such as packing paper and boxes.

Finally, it’s not enough to have a well thought out plan with everything conveniently organized. You will be able to carry out the plan?. Consider all the things you’ll need to have packed and moved. Think about the space as well. If you have a bulky conference table or a hot tub, will you be able to move it yourself with ease? How many corners or flights of stairs will you have to traverse in order to get everything into the moving truck? Is the moving truck going to be too big or too small?

Whether you are relocating your home, office, or warehouse, contact Kiwimove for a free quote. We specialize in all your moving needs. From products and services to detailed cleaners, we have the answers you need.