There’s always more furniture than it looks like. And it never quite fits through the door like it should. Moving your own furniture always has an unexpected share of hassles, inconveniences, and potential injuries. Here are three reasons why you should just hire a moving team instead.

1. They have the equipment to get your furniture moved quickly.

Furniture moving isn’t just picking up and loading the furniture onto the truck. You need a dolly to roll heavy items, sliders to protect the flooring, a lot of insulation or bubble wrap to protect the furniture, and even more equipment just to get fragile furniture ready to ship. Those tools can add up if this is your first time moving and you don’t have the equipment on hand.

Don’t try to make do without moving equipment. A lot of the supplies is designed to protect the furniture and move it from point to point as safely as possible. But the equipment is also designed to keep the movers safe by preventing injuries or overexertion.

2. Your furniture is protected by more than bubble wrap.

Professional companies have insurance for the surfaces they provide. That means, if your belongings or the property is damaged by the movers during the course of the service, the company can pay for repairs, property fees, and other damages. That insurance can help reduce your concern about antique furniture or damage to your floors. It also means that the damage is unlikely to occur in the first place: professionals that have insurance also train their employees and take care of your possessions.

3. It saves you time.

Professional movers are fast. They have the tools, expertise, and experience to move every piece of furniture efficiently and to store it in the moving van as compactly and safely as possible. The same, even with multiple people, would take longer.

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