There are a lot of steps when you’re moving to a new home. Here are three things to work into your schedule before your furniture shows up:

1. Take pictures of the floors and walls.

No matter what rental agreement you enter into, take pictures of the property before you sign or before your movers arrive. Having these baseline photographs let you know if any damage occurs between the tour and the start of your lease, as well as between the start of your lease and as the movers pull in the furniture.

Even more importantly, it gives you photographic evidence if you need to fight for the full return of your deposit.

2. Protect the floors.

Furniture is hard on floors, no matter what the flooring material is. Shap furniture legs can scratch the floor. Heavy furniture also pulls at the carpet and can loosen it or make wrinkles appear. Whether you prefer to protect the floors with sliders or rugs, or you want to add caps to your furniture legs, make sure you do that as quickly as possible to prevent future expenses.

3. Set up your curtains and wall hangings.

If you have time before your furniture and belongings start to arrive, set aside a couple of hours to hang up your curtains. If your new home has big windows or you have a lot of furniture, some of it is going to go in front of the windows. It’s easier to hang up curtains ahead of time. Hanging up blinds and curtains¬†earlier also means your new neighbors can’t peer through the windows to see what valuables you have.

Also take the time to set up your decorative wall hangings, posters, and other types of wall art. If you know precisely what you want your layout to look like, setting up these touches before the movers arrive makes setting up the furniture easier for you and the movers.

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