Moving is stressful for everyone, especially your pets. They don’t understand what all of the extra chaos is about, and they won’t’ see the new home as ‘home’ for a while. But even if you can’t pick up on a fish’s stress in the same way you know when your cat or dog is upset, a move is still hard on your fish. Here’s how you can make it easy on both them and yourself.

Ask your moving service what they can do about aquariums.

Moving companies know that their customers don’t just have heavy equipment and antiques. Pet supplies are part of the deal. See if the services you’re considering have special provisions for large aquariums. You will almost certainly have to dismantle the whole environment but ask around before you break down the actual tank itself.

Some movers also can’t transport animals, even fish or invertebrates. If you know that ahead of time, you can prepare a lot more easily.

Bring your water with you.

Once you scoop out your fish into their travel containers, don’t just dump the water. The water has been perfectly aligned with your pets’ health, and starting over is bad for them. They’re already going to be jostled by the drive to your new place. Whether you carry the water in your car or pack it into the moving van, make sure it can be pulled out immediately so you can set up the tank first thing.

Get your fish supplies labeled.

It’s hard to keep track of boxes in the shuffle of moving. But moving companies have several strategies for keeping an eye on what needs to be unloaded first. Let them know which boxes contain your filters, aquarium equipment, and water. They can make sure they’re unloaded immediately or kept in temperature-controlled conditions.

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