Your company is moving to a new office. You might be looking forward to more space or a better location, but there’s a lot to do before any perks set in. But if your company is considering trying to handle it internally, there are a lot of unpleasant tasks you don’t want to sign up for. Here are three things you don’t want to have to move.

1. Your company’s paper records.

Every company has sensitive information, and a lot of time it’s on paper. That can be more than cumbersome during a move. It’s an extra liability that you don’t want to be tied to your name. Even if your car can handle a few boxes of paper or even a whole file cabinet, those papers demand constant attention. Your car has to stay secure, you can’t let anyone else in where they could have access to the papers, and there’s no recourse if the documents get lost or stolen.

2. Expensive technology.

Moving your personal television or computers is hard enough. And, even if the worst should happen, all you’ve broken is your own stuff that was originally at a price point within your budget. Not only is there a lot more technology in your office, a lot of it is going to be expensive. Don’t make carrying it, moving it, or being responsible for its quick delivery your personal problem.

3. Whatever was in the old storage room.

A lot of the headache in trying to remove your office without a moving company is in the additional liability and stress. The headache gets larger if you’re trying to load and carry the stuff to a moving truck yourself. But the last thing you want to do is have the contents of the old storage space in your car. Unless someone goes through all of the old files, hardware, and furniture first, the dust, bugs, and rubbish are going to be hitching a ride.

Office moves are stressful. But hiring the right service can make it a lot less unpleasant. Go to Kiwimove here to get an estimate, see our list of services, and cut down o your to-do list.