Moving is hard enough even when everything lines up and the sun is pleasantly shining. It gets worse when the weather is moving against you. Anything from a light drizzle to a heavy thunderstorm can change your moving plans. Here are three things you should before even stepping foot outside of the house.

1. Bag up all of your loose items.

Not everything ends up in a box when you’re moving to a new house. You’ll have a backpack of all your must-have electronics and small items, as well as a duffel bag full of clothes and toiletries. You might even have a few loose odds and ends.

But all of that needs to be put in water-tight bags before you take them out to your car. Make use of any sports bags you’ve collected over the years or use trash bags. Keeping a roll of big trash bags near the door is always useful during a move, rain or shine.

2. Get the rugs back out.

Rainy weather makes for slippery floors. It doesn’t matter if you’re handling a lot of the moving yourself or you hire a moving service. Wet tile is dangerous and it slows the process down. Lay down rugs to protect the people moving around and so everyone can move quickly. It also protects the floors from water and mud if you’re still waiting on your deposit.

3. Organize everything in the room by the front door.

No matter how well you’ve organized your boxes, a great deal of moving day will be spent deciding the order in which they should go in the van and fussing with the contents of your car.

But you probably don’t want to do that in the rain. Instead, shift everything into the front room precisely as you want it put in the van. That makes moving it outdoors much simpler.

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