Most people don’t move often enough to feel entirely at ease with the detail-laden task of relocating. Implementing some simple ideas can help make the process more manageable.

1. Keep a list

Even if you aren’t usually a list-maker, it’s a good idea to write all those to-dos down. Lists help us to prioritize tasks, and to budget our time and resources. They can also help us know when to delegate, and when to seek outside assistance.

2. Do a little bit every day

When a move is looming, it’s a good idea to clean house. Tackling just a few tasks each day can keep the process from becoming overwhelming. Shred that stack of old paperwork while you catch up on a favorite show or toss the contents of the “junk drawer.” Every load of unwanted items donated to charity eases moving day.

3. Address what matters to you

Will having a delay in internet service really stress you out since you work from home? Do you have health issues, and will finding a new doctor be a priority? Are the kids starting at a new school? We can probably pinpoint one or two aspects of a move that we feel we must navigate successfully. Proactively addressing such issues alleviates stress.

4. Acknowledge that a move is a change, and change can be hard

Even if a move is part of a realized dream (the promotion, the bigger house, the geographic location we desire), there are always trade-offs and things left behind. Bear in mind that even welcome change requires adjustment.

5. Get help

Whether you’re dreading lugging the heavy furniture down the stairs or dreading asking your friends to borrow their trucks, consider the value of professional movers. We have the knowledge and equipment to smoothly handle all aspects of getting your things from point A to point B. For more information, contact us.