Moving houses takes a lot of time and will fill up your whole off-work schedule for weeks. Staying organized and planning ahead is the only way to make the process go smoothly. If you’re not sure what moving day should look like, plan for these three things:

Take off work so you can be there.

You don’t want to leave your organization in someone else’s hands. Even if you have hired professional movers, organized your boxes and rooms as much as possible, and have clear instructions, you need to be onsite. Questions may arise, especially if you have oversized or antique furniture. There are also several items that professional movers are not able to transport for you, and being there as decisions are being made is crucial to avoid a last-minute scramble.

Have somewhere for young and old dependents to be.

Moving day is pretty chaotic, and that can be stressful for your kids and elderly relatives who live with you. If possible, have them stay over at a friend’s house, with a neighbor, or with other family members. Arranging for this ahead of time can also reduce your stress level because you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on young children. It also means they won’t be near the moving equipment or heavy items as they’re being packed into the truck.

Don’t spend the day packing.

Moving day will be too busy for any packing, so clear your schedule. Try to finish up all of your boxes and donation piles before that final days so you don’t have to pay for extra service hours. Last-minute packing is always frustrating and makes you feel like you’re forgetting something important, so organize your schedule for a hard stop on packing the day before.

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