Don’t make appliances a sticking point when you move.

If you own or owned the property you’re moving out of, make sure you have a plan for the appliances before the contract is even signed. Your, the realtor, and the buyer need to work out which appliances and features are staying in the house and with are coming with you. Leaving your appliances behind can be a great incentive for a quick close with first-time home buyers that don’t have their own appliances. But if you love your tools, you should be clear and plan on taking them with you.

Once you know what’s going in the moving truck, get the appliances ready:

Get the appliances clean.

Run each appliance through its clean cycle if it has one, and scrub down the exterior. You don’t want grease and dirt to come with you into the new home. Cleaning it now also prevents the dirt and oils from spreading during the move.

Dismantle the appliances.

Unplug the appliances and disconnect any water supply lines. If the appliance did have a water connection, give it plenty of time and space to dry before the move. Also, you can disconnect the appliances’ removable parts, pack them, and store them either in the appliances themselves or in a labeled box. The tub in the washing machine also needs to be secured with a washer kit so it doesn’t bounce around and break.

Ask your moving company what services they handle ahead of time.

Whenever you’re not sure about the limitations of a moving company’s service, always take a minute to ask. While moving companies won’t clean your appliances, some of them have washer kits available so you don’t have to track the right one down. They also may have the best supplies to secure your appliance doors and parts before the move.

Once you’re ready to move, Kiwimove can help get your appliances on the road and in your new house. Contact us here to get started.