Whenever you move to a new house or flat, there’s a chance it’s going to be several months before you’re fully unpacked. Don’t pack up your home with a plan to break that trend. Instead, pack with it in mind and make sure you store everything safely so it can last a few months in the garage. What you pack together matters; for example, don’t pack liquid toiletries with books. But what you pack everything into can matter more.

When should you use bags?

Use bags for anything soft. Clothes, blankets, and sheets can be packed away into bags with no problem. If you use large shopping bags, you can even tuck them away on the right shelves in your new home and unpack when you need them. Half the chore of unpacking is getting started, and the other half is knowing where to put things. If you organize even without unpacking, the job is mostly done.

When should you use containers?

Use plastic containers for anything you think is going to be stowed away for a while. Plastic boxes offer a tighter seal against moisture and pests. They’re also less vulnerable to damage, so you don’t have to worry about the contents getting destroyed before you get to them.

Even better, plastic boxes can be stacked more securely. So make good use of even tiny storage spaces with interlocking tops and bottoms.

When should you use boxes?

Save your boxes for what you know you’re going to be able to unpack quickly. Cardboard boxes are sturdy containers for a temporary move, but they aren’t built to last in too much heat or humidity. Dishes, desk drawer contents, and electronics belong in boxes.

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